A Big To-Do

Every day there are lists.  Today’s lists include such tasks as:

1.  Make French Toast

2.  Clean syrup and egg off of entire kitchen

3.  Wash dishes

4.  Lure escaped chickens back into pen with table scraps

5.  Find where the chickens got out and plug the hole in the fence.  Again.

6.  Rake pine straw off roof of house.  Free mulch!

7.  Start blog

8.  Mulch veggie beds.

9.  Plant seeds that should have been planted 3 weeks ago.

10. Discover camera battery has 7 minutes left.

11. Charge camera.

12. Keep Facebook open in another tab like an obsessive freak.  Tell yourself everyone does it.

13.  Heat leftover veggie pies for lunch.

14.  Glad you made extra salad yesterday, aren’t you?

15.  Take out kitchen compost.  The tiny fruit flies should not have had time to breed.

16.  Miss picture of husband on roof because camera is charging.

17.  Shower.  Put on a bra and makeup and try to look pretty.

18.  Go do a puppet show.  The 3 Pigs.  For some kid’s birthday party.

19.  Wash more dishes.

20.  Dinner?  I don’t even know.  This will eventually have to be dealt with.

21.  Isn’t it time to start on the wine?

22.  Bathtime, storytime, kid into bed.

23.  How is it only 7:30?  I feel like it’s midnight.


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