Technical Difficulties

Despite my best efforts, things don't always go my way. For example, the moment before this photo was taken, a gnat flew right up my nose.

I TRIED to post this morning, but something down the street kept blowing up and knocking out the power.  Lots of booms, lots of fire trucks, lots of me swearing when my dead battery laptop farts out in the middle of one of my stunningly clever blog posts.  Power on and off all morning.  I didn’t see any ambulances or hear any screaming, so I feel morally safe in being irritated by the whole thing.

And then WEIRD!  The moment I finished that first paragraph above, bitching about this morning’s outages, there was a knock at my front door.  A bored redneck representative of Georgia Power just informed me that he was installing my new Smart Meter, and I should expect a brief interruption of power in, like, two minutes.  At least this time I got some warning.  Time enough to save my one tiny paragraph and shut down my computer normally.

The result of all the power interruptions is that a 30 minute activity turned into an all day irritation.  Which means I had to rethink my day.  I had planned on writing about taking time off when your job is 24/7, then working on something school-y with Little Boy before setting off for the Library.  Then we would have lunch and play outside until this evening, when we go to record voices for the puppet show we’re working on.

Instead, Little Boy has been watching DVDs all day while I get increasingly annoyed with my First World Problems.

We DID go to the library.  LB got to color with his girl friend K, and then run around with two boys, brothers R and E.  Their dad made paper airplanes for all 3 boys and they went outside, screaming and running around.  Later, he’ll get to see more friends and hang out while listening to all the Puppet People do funny voices.

Little Boy watching Kim Possible amidst the chaos of the morning. I actually made most of this mess. He's just the one enjoying it. Don't worry, I'll help him clean it up.

The thing about unschooling and our family is, even when the day goes off the rails, even when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, I can look back and see the trail of Little Boy’s experiences and realize he’s had a rich and wonderful day, despite how crazy his mama might be.

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