Going Viral

Rawr Mommy! I'm a vampire! Mommy? Why are you moving so slowly Mommy?

Little Boy picked up a virus a few days ago.  A day of being whiny and watching DVDs in bed, a little runny nose, humidifier in his room, lots of snuggles.  No big deal.

Until it hit my big body.  Now my throat, nose and sinuses hurt, I’m achy all over, swollen glands in my neck, skin hot and cold, coughing and sneezing.  I hate everything.  And of course Little Boy is fine today.  Will the virus run its course in 3 days for me, too?  I doubt it.

As crappy as I feel, I am grateful for my possum living lifestyle on days like today.  I don’t have to dose myself with OTC drugs that mask symptoms, but seem to lengthen the duration of illness.  I don’t have to get dressed up and go to a job, pretending to function all day long.  I don’t have high pressure deadlines to reach.  I always hated that about the world of work.  Even if you’re sick, you have to show up, since the office/store/restaurant only scheduled the bare minimum of people to cover all the work that needs to be done.  If you take a sick day, every one of your co-workers has a shittier day picking up your slack.  And even when you own your own business, you’ve got to show up, since everything grinds to a halt or explodes if you look away for five minutes.

So I’m taking a real sick day.  The kind every person should be entitled to in order to nourish their health.

The view from the glider bench in my Green Goddess Garden.

First of all, I’ve made a little nest in my bed.  Laptop, tissues, linden infusion (yum!), cell phone, book.  Little Boy is watching Dino Dan and drawing.  In a little while, he’ll bring a stack of books and workbooks to do some school while snuggling in bed with Mommy in our jammies.  Whenever I can drag my butt into the kitchen, I’ll start a pot of chicken soup with an organic chicken I got for free because it was freezer burned.  Maybe we’ll sit outside later for some fresh air and sunshine.  Lots of strong herbal infusions, lots of rest, lots of responsibility shirking.

I feel very fortunate today.  My only regret is that I can’t take ibuprofen for my body aches, because it will get rid of my low grade fever, which I’m using to burn the viruses out of my miserable body.


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