About Daisy

I grew up an Air Force brat with Southern roots.  Most of my childhood was spent all over the US, as well as the Philippines and Germany.  My summers were spent running barefoot through south Georgia with my sister and cousins.  Climbing trees, swimming, inventing games and eating Nannie’s biscuits and fried catfish.

I never did figure out what I want to do with my life.  Nothing that was offered seemed appealing.  Career, jobs, marriage, children – none of it seems as important to me as it does to others.  All I ever wanted to do was swim and ride horses and lay around outside all day.  After attending 3 different colleges, I earned a BFA in Theatre and became an actor.  Then that got hard AND boring, so I quit to work with horses for a few years.  That got hard AND expensive, so I had a kid and was a stay at home Mommy for a few years.

A few years ago, I blogged with Aida and Fern, my fellow Herban Cowgirls at “Hex and the City” (www.herbancowgirls.wordpress.com).  We’ve all sort of blogged our own separate ways now (although still dear friends and Cowgirls), but I’m still doing all the same stuff and then some, so I thought I’d keep it going.  It’s like a spinoff show:  different from the original, but hopefully it stands on its own.

I’m an Herban Cowgirl, making everyday magic on a shoestring budget.  Gardening, reading, writing, acting, knitting, cooking, cleaning, landscaping, animal wrangling, sewing, repairing, building, painting, puppeteering, swimming, biking, walking, baking, learning, trading, researching, networking, composting, recycling, teaching, planning, joking, playing games, and putting on another pot of coffee.

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