Do Nothing

Mommy All Night

Little Boy fell out of bed last night.  First time it’s happened in his big boy bed.  A mid-night thud and a cry from the child worked faster than any alarm clock ever.  In literally 2 seconds [citation needed] I was holding my confused and frightened kid.  Poor dude.  He was doing the hyperventilating hiccuping thing.  We had to calm down and take some deep breaths before we could go pee and get back to bed (but this time with Mommy).

Dramatic re-enactment

As for the rest of the night, we both slept fitfully.  He kept doing these sweet, sad little whimpers, as though he were having nightmares.  And he tossed and turned, which is SO unlike him.  And to top it all off, neither of us was able to sleep in.  Up at dawn with the chickens, sore and grumbling.

The sore part isn’t just from falling out of bed.  Little Boy nearly fell off the potty yesterday and now his arm is sore where he fell against the toilet seat.  And I have done SOMETHING to my left wrist that involves pain.  So our minor injuries combined with the lack of sleep have made both of us zombies.  Neither of us wants to do anything.

So we’re not.

I’ll go water the garden, but that takes like 10 minutes.  No big deal.  Cold cereal for breakfast.  Watch movies, read books, nap and lounge all afternoon.

We had a rough night.  So we’re taking the day off.

Tozi. Relaxation specialist and motivational napper. She shall be our inspiration today.

PS  Even though it sucks losing a night’s sleep, I love being able to be close to my Little Guy like that.  I love being able to put my hand on him when he’s whimpering in his sleep and whisper, “It’s okay Sweetie, Mommy’s right here.”

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The Magic of Boredom


I get bored easily.  When I was a little girl, my constant complaint was, “I’m bored.”  To which my mother would reply brightly, “Well, then go find something to do!”  This response always irritated me.  Geez Mom, thanks.  Find Something To Do.  That’s brilliant.  As if I haven’t already been scouring my room, my yard, my books, my brain for SOMETHING that inspires me to play.  Cue dramatic eye roll.

Clearly it’s my superior intellect (from my amazing giant brain) that keeps me so bored and restless.  Or it’s because I’ve watched too many movies and TV shows in my life, creating a false set-point for my expectations of my life’s experiences, dooming me to an existence of perpetual dissatisfaction.  I blame Saturday morning cartoons in the 70s.

When I was a kid, I didn’t know how to deal with my boredom and it drove me crazy sometimes.  As an adult I started to ask questions of my boredom, to follow it and listen to it.  Why am I bored?  Do I want something?  Do I expect something?  The answers are different every time, but it was learning to question my boredom, following where the answers went, that I was able to crack the code of myself.  I learned what I like, what I want in my life, what works, what doesn’t.

Bored, bored, bored.

This is where the magic of boredom meets the glory of naps.  Napping when I’m bored gives me some time in that in-between consciousness place, where I can worry about my boredom while letting go of the frustration about it.  Go to my bed.  Breathe.  Stretch.  Relax.  Sleep.  Even if I’ve only got 5 minutes for a nap, if I’m bored enough I go there.  It’s like meditation for lazy people.

Listening to my boredom has led me to activities that offer endless possibilities and challenges:  gardening, horses, theatre, puppetry, writing, unschooling, wildcrafting, keeping chickens, fishing, and on and on and on.  Boredom has led me to learn about and try new things.  Some things have been dead ends (hello massage school!), but even the stuff I tried and pooped out on I had fun trying and learned a LOT.

I now see boredom as the calm before the storm of creative inspiration.  It’s what happens right before I learn something amazing, do something fun, experience something thrilling, make something happen.  It’s almost a relief to experience it now.

Wolverine says, "Find something to do, Bub!"

So when my 4 year old Little Boy drapes his body heavily across my lap, sighs dramatically and announces, “I’m BORED, Mommy.”  I smile at him, hug him and say cheerfully, “Well, then find something to do!”

And just like that I’ve turned into my mother.

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The Glory of Naps

Just give me, like, 20 minutes...








I was busy this morning.  I’ll be busy this evening.  Also I’m tired and hormonal and my feet hurt.  SO… I’m forgetting the dishes, moving the clean laundry pile from the bed to the vanity (oh yes I did) and carving about 20 minutes out of the day for a nap.

Naps are glorious and necessary for mental and physical health.  I take them every chance I get.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a brief date with semi-consciousness.

Good nap is good.

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