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(The title of this post should be read in the clipped British accent of Giles from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”)

SO much happening here at the Green Goddess Gardens lately.  I just haven’t felt like actually writing about it.  So I’ll do a quick list.

1.  Our family bought a car.  After being without one for over 2 years.  And there was much rejoicing.

Tinted windows so we can pick our noses at red lights.

Tinted windows so we can pick our noses at red lights.

2.  I started running.  Barefoot.

So. Much. Fun.

So. Much. Fun.

3.  My Uncle Billy died.

Little Boy kept our spirits up in the hospital as family sat with Uncle Billy in his last days.  We will miss him.

Little Boy kept our spirits up in the hospital as family sat with Uncle Billy in his last days. We will miss him.

4.  We had the flu for 2 weeks.

We took lots of naps.

We took lots of naps.

5.  The Herban Cowboy built a fence for the chicken yard out of old pallets.

Ooo so fancy!

Ooo so fancy!

6.  One of our new chickens got sick and died.

The new girls.  Lucy is the redhead.  Ethel is the recently deceased.  RIP sweet girl.

The new girls. Lucy is the redhead. Ethel is the recently deceased. RIP sweet girl.

7.  We cut down and chopped up 4 trees in our backyard.

"He's a lumberjack and he's okay..."

“He’s a lumberjack and he’s okay…”

8.  I read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” and can’t stop thinking about fresh, local food.

Wild onions found while foraging.  Dirty and stinky and yummy!

Wild onions found while foraging. Dirty and stinky and yummy!

9.  I knit the Herban Cowboy a Doctor Who scarf for his birthday.

Replica of the 4th Doctor's scarf from the episode "The Ark in Space."  Because that's how we nerd.

Replica of the 4th Doctor’s scarf from the episode “The Ark in Space.” Because that’s how we nerd.

10. We got a new (to us) computer, compliments of one of my beautiful aunts.

So big and shiny.

So big and shiny.

11.  I got back on a horse for the first time in 6 years.

You will never be as happy as I am in this picture.

You will never be as happy as I am in this picture.

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Just for Knits and Giggles

The Herban Cowboy and I like to sit around in the evenings and watch movies together.  We’re both writers and performers, so we love to analyze a good show to death.  We discuss acting, character development, writing, plot devices, and whatever else strikes us.  It’s fun, but there’s not a lot to DO while you’re watching movies.  Except eat.  Which I discovered I was doing way too much of.

I needed something to do with my hands besides cram food into my face hole.  So I decided to try knitting.

Not knowing anything about it, I decided to start small.  I got a stack of books from the library, chose a simple scarf, got a pair of needles and a ball of yarn.  When something confused me about the written instructions in the book, I looked it up on YouTube, which contains thousands of knitting tutorials.

Works in progress.

It is now almost a year later and I can’t stop knitting.  It’s like a groovy meditation: the steady click of the needles, the endless repetition of stitches, the counting and measuring.  I love building something step by step, stitch by stitch.  I love that the end result is practical and useful.  I love thinking about the recipient as I’m making their gift.  How did I make it 40 years without discovering this obsession?

I started with scarves and moved on to hats, fingerless mittens, headbands, sweaters, bookmarks, dishcloths, and finger puppets.  Every gift that every friend has received from me in the last year has been some kind of hand knit thing. I even opened an Etsy store to sell my overstock (it’s Herban Cowgirl Knits in my blogroll in the right sidebar).

This is the listing that gets the most hits on my Etsy site. I’m pretty sure it’s the quality workmanship and beautiful fiber choice, not my spectacular cleavage.

Once people found out about my new addiction, I got lots of knitting gifts.  People gave me knitting books and patterns.  My Mom brought me yarn she found on sale.  My Mother-in-law gave me a whole bag full of knitting needles.  A friend gifted me with a giant plastic zip bag full of yarn she needed to get rid of.

Most women have dresser drawers full of clothes. My drawers are full of yarn.

At any given time, I’m working on 4 or 5 different projects.  Something for my Etsy store, something for me, a new technique I’m learning, gifts for friends and family.

I get better and faster with each project I knit.  I’ve also watched an embarrassing amount of TV.  I’ve discovered there are a surprising amount of X-Files episodes I’ve missed.  And that the Golden Girls never once jumped the shark, not in 7 entire seasons.  And that I can’t watch enough Doctor Who.

A little help from Loki, the new kitty.

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Time Off

This whole past week and a half have been filled with visitors, both family and friends.  We’ve crammed about 6 months worth of fun into that time, too.  We’re pretty good at that.

First was Memorial Day weekend, when two old friends of mine from high school came to Savannah with families in tow.  We went to the beach, we played, we talked, we drank.  It was great.

Party responsibly kids.

Then I had a day to vacuum and change the sheets and my dad came for a visit.  We only get to see him once or twice a year, so we soaked up all the PaPa love we could.  More beach, movies, pizza, and presents.

It’s been amazing and fun, but I’ll be glad when I can get back to my routine of watering my garden, hanging out with the chickens, and riding my bike all over town in the summer heat.

Next up is a trip to visit my sister in Tennessee, where Little Boy will have a whole week to play with his 6 year old girl cousins (the Twinzillas!).  Summer vacation!

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New YouTube Channel

Learning new skills.  It’s a big day.

I finally figured out how to make myself a YouTube channel.  I’ve been wanting to do videos for the blog, cooking, DIY, gardening, chickens, etc, etc.  But I’m a middle aged woman who didn’t even know how to turn on a computer until college.  Gen Y I am not.

And because I am technologically impaired, I still don’t know how to upload playable videos from my camera.  My computer can’t read them for some reason, and I can’t figure out what software to download to make it happen.  I have a computer geek friend visiting next weekend, perhaps if I ply her with homemade bread and garden vegetables she’ll drop the tech on me.  In the meantime, I used Little Boy’s camera.  That’s right.  Don’t look at me like that, it was easier okay?

The video and audio are fuzzier than a broody chicken’s butt, but I consider these videos successes.  In that I was actually able to figure out how this shit worked.

Here’s the chicken video….



And here are the garden videos.  Part 1……



And Part 2…..



Now all I can think about are what videos I want to make.


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Nothing to Beach About

We were all set to be lazy bums yesterday.  All.  Set.  Stack of DVDs to watch, books to read, yarn and knitting needles, snacks ready, jammies on.

Then my phone rang.

It was my friend A (whose daughter O is Little Boy’s bestest friend ever).  Her plans for the day fell through, and she was DYING to go to the beach with us.

Uh….  YES.  Yes PLEASE.

Okay everybody no time to nap get your suit on where’s my backpack put your shoes on do we have 2 clean towels make sure you pee before they get here put your shoes on I’ll get your car seat where’s my flip flops I said put your shoes on please……….

And so it came to pass that our crappy, grouchy, tired morning was magically transformed into an amazing afternoon full of sun and wind, running on the sand, swimming in the ocean pounded by the incoming tide, flying the robot kite, sipping frozen cocktails (virgin drinks for the little ones!), chasing the downed beach umbrella and flying the kite at the same time (that was me), and gossiping and joking and laughing and laughing and laughing.

We’re at the beach!

She never took her Little Mermaid wig off.  He never took the Spiderman goggles from the top of his head.

Dig a sand castle? Or play in the water?

Play in the water!

Um…. Ok… Now what?

I think I saw a sea monster! RUN!

I’ll save you!

Oh nevermind. You totally got this.

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Can you still say “Gypsy”?

I want to live in a gypsy caravan.  Little sleeping nook, some comfortable seating, a tiny kitchen and a dirty-hippie composting toilet.  Weather permitting I’d cook outside, poop outside, and even shower outside.  I’d keep some chickens, a little garden, and an apiary for honey.  I’d forage and fish.  In crappy weather we’d hunker down inside, playing games, reading, knitting, writing, making art, etc.

I would need some modern conveniences.  Internet and running water access are mandatory.  A small amount of electricity would be required.  Gotta update my Facebook status.

I’d need some groceries.  Salt, whole wheat flour, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and olive oil.

This is what I’m practicing for.


I suck at blogging.  That should have been a link.

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Picture This

Little Boy recently became a pest about “borrowing” my phone to take pictures of everything around him.  So I got him a camera.  I’m not big on buying toys, in fact I usually make him save his own money for toys he wants, but I felt like a camera was different.  It’s an orange and yellow V-Tech thing that also has games and records video.  And I can upload it all to the computer.

So here’s a photographic tour of my Little Boy’s life in the last few weeks…

What the hell?

Okay, he's down on River Street. Angela must have taken this. She took him down there the day I was doing a puppet photo shoot.

The Savannah River?

Driving around Savannah's Historic District with the Puppet People.

Somewhere downtown...

The cashier at Piggly Wiggly took this one. They're all in love with him there. Shameless hussies.

And now please enjoy this picture of one of our sofa pillows!

Such a beautiful, artistic photograph, to be cherished from one generation to the next. Also I need to wash my curtains.

Why did I let him take this picture?

Cute son. Real cute.

Oh, ew. Blurry puppets are creepy.

This was when he was hanging out with his best friend and her granddad. "Daddoo" must have taken this one.

Miss Angela, the puppet lady herself.

Reading nutrition labels. Good habits start young.


Nice one of Mommy's feet.

We're not getting that.

Seriously. We're not getting that. Walk away.

Hot Sauce!

A shot of the neighbor's screened in back porch. This was taken from our garden. I love all the old pines in this neighborhood.

The azaleas in the front yard.

Little Boy's Grandma and Mommy.

An alien robot is stealing my chickens!

His Dad.

The view from my Boy's backyard. This is his world.




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Me, me, me, me, meeeeee!

Drank that cheap wine GURL!

I should be making dinner.  But the crazy lady I sometimes work for took Little Boy to dance class with her granddaughter (his best friend “O”), and Herban Cowboy won’t be home from work for another 45 minutes.  I have a sudden, silent hour.  So I’m drinking cheap wine and knitting up a kerchief thingy for my hair.  My old cat Mojo is curled up beside me on the couch.

Once my buzz kicks in (it’s a big glass), I’ll head into the kitchen, turn on the iPod, and sing Duran Duran songs while I fry up some country steak, bake some french fries, and steam a little broccoli.

And who cares if dinner is 20 minutes late when Mommy is so, so happy?


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