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Picture This

Little Boy recently became a pest about “borrowing” my phone to take pictures of everything around him.  So I got him a camera.  I’m not big on buying toys, in fact I usually make him save his own money for toys he wants, but I felt like a camera was different.  It’s an orange and yellow V-Tech thing that also has games and records video.  And I can upload it all to the computer.

So here’s a photographic tour of my Little Boy’s life in the last few weeks…

What the hell?

Okay, he's down on River Street. Angela must have taken this. She took him down there the day I was doing a puppet photo shoot.

The Savannah River?

Driving around Savannah's Historic District with the Puppet People.

Somewhere downtown...

The cashier at Piggly Wiggly took this one. They're all in love with him there. Shameless hussies.

And now please enjoy this picture of one of our sofa pillows!

Such a beautiful, artistic photograph, to be cherished from one generation to the next. Also I need to wash my curtains.

Why did I let him take this picture?

Cute son. Real cute.

Oh, ew. Blurry puppets are creepy.

This was when he was hanging out with his best friend and her granddad. "Daddoo" must have taken this one.

Miss Angela, the puppet lady herself.

Reading nutrition labels. Good habits start young.


Nice one of Mommy's feet.

We're not getting that.

Seriously. We're not getting that. Walk away.

Hot Sauce!

A shot of the neighbor's screened in back porch. This was taken from our garden. I love all the old pines in this neighborhood.

The azaleas in the front yard.

Little Boy's Grandma and Mommy.

An alien robot is stealing my chickens!

His Dad.

The view from my Boy's backyard. This is his world.




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