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Coffee Confessions

I love coffee.  Most of my friends love coffee.  A few of them even post coffee love poems and jokes about it on Facebook.  Coffee is full of anti-oxidants, and studies have suggested that moderate amounts can help with everything from diabetes to suicide prevention.  It’s a magic potion that bestows energy and life upon its consumer.  Ambrosia of the gods, if you will.

One of my friends loves coffee so much, she made this her profile picture.

I have romanticized coffee in my mind.  And I still think it’s ambrosia of the gods.  But the key phrase in that last paragraph was “moderate amounts.”  If you know anything about me, it’s that “moderation” is just not my thing.  Here’s how I have allowed coffee to take over my life like an abusive boyfriend….

First thing in the morning, make a pot of coffee.  Three cups at least.  I tell myself I need this much because of all the chores I have to do around the Homestead.  Make food, do laundry, water the garden, rake the chicken yard, sweep/clean the carport, transplant seedlings, wash dishes.  I’m going to need that coffee buzz to get all that done.

Sad, but true.

But before I get started, I’ll just have one cup of that coffee.  Ooo, I can check my email while I’m having my coffee.  Good idea.  Then I’ll get going on the chores.   After my first cup, I’m not quite buzzed enough, so I decide to get a second cup and troll Facebook.  For just a little while.  I should eat something, but the coffee has killed my appetite and even made me slightly nauseous.  Hm.  Well, I’m not going to eat while I feel like this, so I’ll have that third cup of coffee.  And maybe work on one of my writing projects.  In between trips to the bathroom of course.  We’ll leave that detail at that, shall we?

But first I will run to the bathroom.

This is how my morning falls down the rabbit hole of coffee and computer.  By the time I look up, it’s almost lunchtime and I’ve been sitting on the couch for hours, drinking four cups of poop potion and not eating anything nourishing.  Then I feel overwhelmed, the To-Do List only gets half done, I’m tired and nauseated and I feel guilty and stupid for blowing my entire morning.

This scenario happens EVERY MORNING, and is one of my dirty little secrets.

Find the man's face in the beans!

I’ve given up coffee here and there over the years, but I always come back.  It’s so easy to tell myself that I’ll just have the coffee maker at home in case guests come over.  That even if I do make some coffee, I’ll only have one cup.  That I won’t use it as an excuse to sit and waste time.

The bottom line is, drinking coffee is stressing my kidneys & adrenals, wrecking my digestion, wreaking havoc on my hormones, encouraging wastefulness, draining my bank account, and supporting an unsustainable industry.  I’m starting to get the message that maybe I should probably someday kinda sorta …stop drinking coffee.

There I said it.

Put the mug down and back away slowly.


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