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Me, me, me, me, meeeeee!

Drank that cheap wine GURL!

I should be making dinner.  But the crazy lady I sometimes work for took Little Boy to dance class with her granddaughter (his best friend “O”), and Herban Cowboy won’t be home from work for another 45 minutes.  I have a sudden, silent hour.  So I’m drinking cheap wine and knitting up a kerchief thingy for my hair.  My old cat Mojo is curled up beside me on the couch.

Once my buzz kicks in (it’s a big glass), I’ll head into the kitchen, turn on the iPod, and sing Duran Duran songs while I fry up some country steak, bake some french fries, and steam a little broccoli.

And who cares if dinner is 20 minutes late when Mommy is so, so happy?


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