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Taking Dictation

I’ve been meaning to blog about the last several days:  going to River Street to see the Tall Ships, losing my wedding ring, buying lunch for a sick homeless lady, and all the food coming out of my garden.

But right now I’m feverishly cleaning the kitchen in preparation for the delivery of our new stove (yay!), so all I have time to post is the story that Little Boy dictated to me this morning.

He told me he wanted to write a book, and he needed my help.  So I opened up another window and told him to let me have the story.  Here it is:


THE WOLF AND THE BUNNY as told to Daisy by Little Boy (age 4)

Once upon a time in a great jungle there was a wolf and a bunny.  And they lived forever and ever until they died.  And then the wolf wanted the bunny to do tricks like a dog.  And THEN the bunny did not do it.

And the wolf was like, “Hey do the tricks!  Do the tricks!  Hunch it!  Hunch it!  DO the tricks!  (Hunch it means Do it)”

Well, the bunny said, “Well, only if you say please.”

The wolf said “Please.”

And the bunny said “Yay!”, and then he did a somersault and a cartwheel.

And then the wolf sent a bear.  The bear said, “Why did you send me here?”

The wolf said, “’Cause I wanted you to see my bunny’s tricks.”

The bear said, “Oh I would love to see your bunny’s tricks.”

And the bunny started.  And then the bunny did the cartwheel and the somersault.

The bear said, “Yay!  That was great.”  And he clapped.

And then the bear dived into a pond for a cool bath after a nice, long day.  Then the next morning the bear found that the bunny stayed still.  And the bear thought “The other day the bunny said he would do the tricks every morning, but now it’s just standing there.”

And the bunny said, “Wow!”

Then the bunny found the pond where the bear jumped in.  He found the bear’s hairs that had come off.  And then the bunny had an idea.  He would make a straw house out of the hairs for him.  And the wolf, too.  Of course.

And then the wolf came over and said, “What did you make?”

And the bunny said, “I made a straw house for us.  Isn’t that nice?  And you can live next door to me and I’ll live next door to you.  And the bear can live across the street.”

And then he saw that the bunny made a sculpture, too.  The wolf was proud.  He said, “Oh holey moley golly geesh that is so amazing!”

And then the wolf sent the bunny to his house and then the wolf went into his house and then the bear went into his house and they lived happily ever after in the jungle where the griffins live.  And then they died while they were sleeping.  They didn’t know, they just did it.

The End.


I removed a few superfluous ands at the beginnings of sentences, but otherwise, this is the story as told to me.  He’s already done character sketches for the bear, the bunny, the wolf, and a griffin.  He’s also sketched a mouse and a fire-tailed dragon crocodile, but I’m not sure how they figure in to the story.

If I can get the scanner working today, pictures will be forthcoming…….

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