1. For whom is this blog written?

Me.  It’s written for me.  I reference this blog (and my old Hex and the City blog) ALL the time.  Looking for recipes, book titles, dates of events, etc.  It’s kind of my online diary/daily planner.  I’ve made it public for 2 reasons:  1. I have friends and family who live far away and this blog is a chance for them to catch up with me, my Herban Cowboy, or our Little Boy.  2.  It keeps me motivated to do more and follow through with my plans when I keep my diary/daily planner public for all the world to see.

2.  Who are Little Boy and the Herban Cowboy?

The Herban Cowboy is my husband of 7 years, and Little Boy is our 5 year old son (as of late summer 2012).  I use pseudonyms for all of us because our actual identities don’t matter, only our stories do.  Unless you are a personal friend or family member, in which case you already know our real names so it’s no big deal.

3.  There’s a lot of crap about your kid on here, but I’m just looking for a recipe.  How do I find what I’m looking for?

I write about a variety of topics, and not all of them may appeal to you, even if you know me personally.  I categorize each post, so click on your favorite and all the posts from that category will appear.  There is quite a bit of overlap, so you may have to search a bit for what you want.

4.  Nobody really asked you these questions, did they?

Of course not.  I made it all up.  I’m just giving information about how to read this blog in a Question-and-Answer format.  But “How To Read This Blog And For Whom Is It Written Anyway?” seemed too awkward for a page title.  And “FAQ” fit so much better on the page tab.

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